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November 21st is World Antibiotic Awareness Week! Antibiotics are a class of antimicrobial drugs commonly used to treat bacterial infections. Patients who require this type of treatment will often receive them through a course of antibiotics either taken orally or intravenously through infusion therapy. Today, we’re detailing how antibiotic infusion therapy can treat infections and some of the infections we commonly see here at ContiuumRx.

What Is Antibiotic Infusion?

Antibiotics are designed to work against bacteria and can either actively kill bacteria to stop an infection or interfere with bacterial reproduction, making it difficult for an infection to spread. Patients typically require IV antibiotics when oral antibiotics fail to work for them. This is because IV antibiotics are more potent and, therefore, more effective against certain infections.

IV antibiotics are given short- and long-term, depending on the infection and its severity. For patients who need short-term treatment, infusion clinics like ours at ContinuumRx and our subsidiary, Continuum Health (Link to the site), can be a convenient and easy way to receive your treatment from a team of infusion professionals who care about your safe a streamlined recovery. However, if you require long-term treatment, then home infusion could be your preferred treatment method, as it allows you to receive your medications in the comfort of your home.

If you prefer home infusion, our clinical team can supply all the education, medications, supplies, and pumps necessary for your safe and cost-effective home infusion therapy. In addition, our skilled staff of medical professionals will make sure you and your family member or home caregiver are taught the infusion techniques and procedures necessary to ensure your independence and comfort throughout your therapy.

What Infections Require Antibiotic Infusion?

Now that we’ve explored what antibiotic infusions are, it’s time to look at which infections need this kind of treatment. As mentioned previously, antibiotics are required for bacterial infections, which are considered any infection where bacteria enters the body and multiplies. Some examples of bacterial infections that may require infusion treatment are pneumonia, skin and soft tissue infections, complicated urinary tract infections, and infection of Borrelia burgdorferi, which is the bacteria commonly associated with Lyme disease. However, this is just a short list of the many infections requiring antibiotic infusion.

Whether you need short- or long-term antibiotic infusion, our team at ContinuumRx can make the process simple and convenient. We have multiple locations spread throughout Tennessee, Maryland, Virginia, and Alabama to best serve your treatment needs. Interested in learning more about our antibiotic infusion services? Contact us today!

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