When your child requires infusion therapy, balancing school and treatment can feel overwhelming. While infusion therapy is still a convenient method of care, families may find themselves struggling to schedule time around their child’s treatment. At ContinuumRx, we’re committed to helping navigate patients through the continuum of care, so we’ve compiled a list of our top back-to-school tips for young infusion patients.

1. Collaborate With Your School Nurse

The school nurse’s office can be an excellent resource for school-aged infusion patients. It provides a comfortable and familiar environment for children to receive their infusion therapy with minimal disruptions to their academic schedule. If your school district allows it, the school nurse may also be able to deliver your child’s medication. Some school nurses are already trained in infusion therapy. However, if they are not, then a ContinuumRx infusion nurse can train them on safely administering your child’s medication until they are comfortable delivering it independently.

Unfortunately, not all school districts allow the school nurse to deliver infusion therapy for liability reasons. In this case, if it is permitted, a ContinuumRx infusion nurse can come to the school and administer the medication. Doing so will still allow your child to remain in school during infusions instead of missing a day.

2. Bring Homework to Infusion Sessions

If your child receives their infusion treatment at an infusion site or one of our infusion suites, remember to bring homework to treatment. According to a study conducted by The University of Phoenix College of Education, the average middle schooler has three and a half hours of homework a week. Since some infusion sessions can last four hours or more, bringing homework assignments can help pass the time.

Despite efforts to keep children from missing school, every parent knows that unforeseen sick and missed days are inevitable. So, by utilizing infusion times for homework and studying, your child remains organized and on track no matter what life may throw at you both.

3. Explore Advancements in Infusion Therapy

The infusion therapy industry is rapidly growing, and new medical advancements make treatment simpler and more accessible for patients. When planning your child’s return to school, see if there are any new devices or techniques that can make the transition easier.

For example, total parenteral nutrition (TPN) patients can now utilize backpacks to carry their TPN supplies and infuse while on the go. This can be great for younger TPN patients because their treatment may require daily infusions, cutting into their school time. The backpack also helps conceal their treatment and keep things compact. Your infusion provider can give you a TPN backpack, or you can find a bag of your own that works for your child’s lifestyle. When choosing a backpack, comfort and space are top priorities. Small to medium-sized hiking packs are usually ideal for this reason due to their long-wear padded straps, spacious compartments, and often include a hook for a hydration system that can be used for TPN formula.

4. Consider Home Infusion Therapy

Schedule flexibility is critical when juggling your child’s treatment and school, and sometimes hospitals, doctor’s offices, and infusion sites just aren’t accommodating enough to suit your family’s busy lifestyle. Home infusion is a solution to this issue. By choosing home infusion, you’re putting the power back in your hands and can plan your child’s infusion treatment around a schedule that works for you. 

An added step you can take is communicating with your specialty infusion pharmacy provider and finding out if they have locations in the area you’ll be traveling to. This could be useful for At ContinuumRx, we understand the importance of working with families so that children can lead normal lives outside of their infusion treatment. So, we’ll come before soccer practice, after piano lessons, during lunch, or any time you need us to deliver your child’s infusion medication. Let us handle their treatment so that they can be a kid again. Contact us today to learn how we can help!

With summer in full swing, you’re definitely dreaming about that relaxing vacation you have been waiting to take. If you’re receiving infusion therapy, your treatment shouldn’t hold you back from enjoying some fun in the sun. However, patients are often daunted by the preparation and possible issues of traveling with a medical condition; this doesn’t need to be the case. In fact, with proper planning and considerations, traveling as an infusion patient is not only possible but usually simple. Today, we’re breaking down the best practices for traveling while receiving infusion treatment.

1. Contact Your Specialty Infusion Pharmacy and Physician

One of the first steps you can take when planning a trip is contacting your specialty infusion pharmacy and physician. Communicating with your healthcare team is essential for ensuring a stress-free and safe journey ahead. In addition, by contacting your team, they can provide you with helpful travel information regarding your condition and give you contact information in case of an emergency.

2. Plan Ahead

Plan, plan, and plan some more! It’s always better to be over-prepared than to find yourself without the right equipment and having to turn back. Our team at ContinuumRx can give you a checklist of the supplies to pack, depending on how far you’re going and the length of your stay. 

Another aspect to consider ahead of your trip are special instructions for your particular treatment. For example, if your medication requires a temperature-controlled environment, then be sure to bring a cooler or any other equipment that you may need to avoid spoilage.

3. Pack Extra Supplies

As we all are well aware, anything associated with travel is not always guaranteed. Items can get lost or become damaged easily, especially with air travel. So, making sure you pack extra infusion supplies is an important step in being prepared and ultimately at ease. Ideally, you should determine the list of supplies you’ll need and pack extras of anything that won’t be readily available where you plan to go. Packing backup supplies will give you peace of mind in the event that your luggage gets lost or damaged in transit.

4. Establish an Emergency Plan

Having an emergency plan is also extremely important. An emergency plan could be something as simple as acquiring local emergency contact information and remembering to carry your medical cards and records with you at all times. 

An added step you can take is communicating with your specialty infusion pharmacy provider and finding out if they have locations in the area you’ll be traveling to. This could be useful for providing extra supplies if needed and having a place to go if complications occur with treatment. For ContinuumRx patients, if you are traveling to the Nashville, TN, Knoxville, TN, Chantilly, VA, Birmingham, AL, or Huntsville, AL areas, be advised that we have offices in all of these locations and are happy to help if any issues arise.

5. Navigating the TSA

If you’re flying, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), allows larger quantities of medically-necessary fluids, gels, and aerosols. However, you must declare these items to the TSA agent at check-in. Also, all of these supplies will need to be examined in security, so be sure all medications are clearly labeled. 

One way to streamline the security process is with TSA PreCheck®, which exempts you from removing flip flops, hats, jackets, and liquids from your luggage. It’s easy to sign up too, and your medical condition won’t limit your chances of getting approved. In fact, according to an article published by Forbes, more than 99% of those who apply for the program are accepted.

Our final tip is to arrive early and inform your TSA officer if you require transportation to your gate. Arriving early at the airport will also avoid rushing and the overall stress that often comes with traveling in general.

Don’t miss out on summertime bliss due to your infusion therapy. Call us at ContinuumRx for help in maintaining safe and effective treatment from wherever this season may take you!