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ContinuumRx administers short- and long-term IV antibiotic therapy in your home, allowing you to avoid an unnecessary hospitalization or a longer-than-necessary hospital stay.

Antibiotics are a class of drugs designed to work against bacteria that can either actively kill bacteria to stop an infection or interfere with bacterial reproduction, making it difficult for an infection to spread.

At-Home Therapy Experience

Our clinical team supplies all the necessary education, medications, supplies, and pumps to ensure safe and cost-effective home IV antibiotic therapy. You and your family member or home caregiver are taught the infusion techniques and procedures necessary to ensure your independence and comfort during treatment.


What Is Antibiotic Therapy?

Patients receive antibiotic infusions when the oral form of the drug is not effective, and stronger IV antibiotic dosages are needed. Home IV antibiotic therapy allows you to receive the medication you need in the comfort of your own home.


Will This Interfere With My Activities?

You may be able to stay mobile while receiving your IV antibiotic treatments from ContinuumRx. You and your family will be instructed on infusion techniques and procedures to keep you independent and help you maintain your normal daily activities.