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Alcohol pads, syringes, vials of prescribed medication, TPN solution, puncture-proof container for used syringes


Take medication out of the refrigerator
approximately 2-3 hours before dose time.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Clean Your Work Area

  1. Wash your hands
  2. Clean washable surfaces with soap and water, and dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.
  3. Place your supplies on the cleaned and dried work surface.
  4. Wash your hands again, using the steps for hand washing listed above.

Prepare To Inject

  1. Remove the protective cap from the vial. Wipe the top of the vial with an alcohol pad.
  2. Remove the cover from the needle.
  3. Pull the plunger to draw air into the syringe equal to the of medication or vitamin you need to draw from the vial. (If you need 10 ml of medication, draw in 10 ml of air.)
  4. Insert the needle into the rubber top of the vial. Push air into the vial.
  5. With the needle still in the vial, turn the vial upside down.
  6. Be sure to keep the needle tip below the fluid level.
  7. Pull back on the plunger slowly until you have drawn up the correct amount.
  8. Tap the barrel of the syringe to check for air bubbles. Push out any air or extra fluid. Remove the needle from the bottle.
  9. Carefully replace the cap.

Inject Solution Into The Bag

  1. Wipe the injection port on the TPN bag with an alcohol pad.
  2. Insert the needle into the center of the bag’s injection port.
  3. Be careful not to puncture the bag. Make sure you have inserted the needle in the center of the bag’s injection port.
  4. Slowly push the plunger on the syringe, injecting the solution into the bag.
  5. Remove the needle.
  6. Mix the medication into the TPN solution by gently rocking the bag.
  7. Repeat this procedure for each medication or vitamin that needs to be added.

Discard Your Materials

  • Don’t recap the needle after you have used it.
  • Throw the needle and syringe away in your puncture-proof container.
  • Discard any other materials in the trash can.
  • Store multi-dose vials in refrigerator after first use.
adding medication to tpn

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