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Formula, feeding set (as ordered), enteral pump, 60 mL syringe, clean cloth, cup of water, materials for storing unused formula

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First! Very Important:

Discard syringe and feeding set after 24 hours and replace with new equipment.

How Do I Prepare The Pump Feeding?

  1. WASH your hands with soap and warm water. Rinse well and dry your hands with a fresh paper towel.
  2. OPEN the formula (refer to your personal prescription). Unopened cans can be stored at room temperature. Opened cans need to be stored in refrigerator and used within 24 hours.
  3. PRIME feeding set. NOTE: For Compat pump, the feeding set must be primed first before attaching to pump.
  4. CHECK the feeding set to make sure it is attached to the pump properly.
  1. FLUSH the feeding tube using a 60 mL syringe with the prescribed amount of warm water.
  2. REMOVE the protective cap from the end of the feeding set.
  3. INSERT the tip of the feeding set into the feeding tube.
  4. If there is a clamp on the feeding set, OPEN it completely. TURN ON the pump and verify rate with order. If the pump is not already preset, set the rate according to order.
  5. START the pump. After the feeding container has emptied, STOP the pump.

How To Flush Your Tube - Aside From The Automatic Pump Flushes

NOTE: If your pump automatically flushes the tube at set intervals, or if pump does not automatically flush, you may still need to give yourself (additional) water.

Intermittent Or Nocturnal Pump Tubing Feedings:

    1. If your pump tubing does not have a Y-port skip to step #2. If your pump tubing has a Y-port, press the “HOLD” button to pause feeding, then insert 60 mL syringe into Y-port and flush the feeding tube with the prescribed amount of warm water. Press “HOLD” button to resume feeding.
    2. PRESS “HOLD” button to pause feeding.
    3. DISCONNECT the pump tubing from the feeding tube.
    4. Use a 60 mL syringe to FLUSH THE TUBE with the prescribed amount of warm water.
    5. DRY syringe completely and store in a clean covered container or wrap in a clean towel until the next use.

VERY IMPORTANT: Throw away the feeding set and syringe every 24 hours and replace with new equipment.

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Download our “Enteral Pump Feeding” PDF Resource