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Prefilled saline syringes (2), prefilled heparin syringe (1), red/blue caps, bag of medication, disinfection cap (if used)

Daily Use

Flow Control tubing should be used for all doses within a 24 hour period. Discard after 24 hours and and use new tubing.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Verify that the medication label contains the correct patient name, medication name, dose, and expiration date. If ANY of the information is incorrect, STOP and call Pharmacy.

  1. Wash your hands properly and put on gloves. (See hand washing instruction sheet)
  2. Open tubing package and close white clamp.
  3. Set dial to OPEN.
  4. If you DO NOT need to change the tubing today, simply remove the old bag of medication (keeping the spike sterile) and insert the spike into the new bag of medication. Skip to step # 8.
  5. If you DO need to change the tubing today, insert the spike tubing into bag of medication.Hang bag on pole. Squeeze drip chamber to fill halfway.
  6. To “prime” the tubing (purge out air), open the white clamp on tubing and allow the medication to flow through to the end of the tubing.
  7. Once fluid reaches the end of tubing, close the white clamp. The tubing will now be full of the medication.
  8. Flush line with normal saline, using the push/pause method.
  1. Connect the tubing to the IV line and set the dial to _______________ (ml/hr).
  2. Start infusion by opening the clamp on tubing to begin infusion (Make sure that there are drops falling into the drip chamber).
  3. The infusion will take approximately ____________ minutes/hours.
  4. Infusion is complete when bag is empty, close clamp on tubing.
  5. Disconnect tubing from your IV line and put a new red/blue cap on end of tubing (unless it is due to be thrown away).
  6. Attach a saline syringe to your IV line, open clamp and flush IV line using the push/pause method.
  7. Attach a heparin syringe to your IV line. Flush IV line using the push/pause method. Clamp the IV line. Remember to clamp your PICC/Centeral Line when you have completed all steps.
  8. Place a new disinfection cap (if used) on the end of your IV line.

Have questions? Call Toll-Free 1-800-665-2850

Download our “Infusion With Flow Control Tubing” PDF Resource