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A Mini-Bag Plus Container allows for medication mixture to happen on-site.

Follow these simple instructions to mix the medication prior to the infusion.

  1. Squeeze bag and check vial.
    • Use only if vial is fully seated and dry.
    • Bend up and then down to break seal.
  2. Hold bag with vial down.
    • Squeeze solution into vial until half full.
    • Shake to suspend drug in solution.
  3. Hold bag with vial upside down.
    • Squeeze bag to force air into vial.
    • Release to drain suspended drug from vial.
    • Repeat steps 2 and 3 until vial is empty of drug and solution is thoroughly mixed. Ensure drug is completely dissolved. Do Not Remove Drug Vial!
  4. Remove disinfection cap (if used). Flush IV Line with normal saline as instructed.
  5. Attach IV Tubing according to directions.
  6. Hang container on IV pole and prime set according to directions. Ensure that vial is empty of drug and solution. Repeat step 3 if drug and solution remain in vial.
  7. Administer medication according to directions. Use within specified time for drug stability.

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Download our “Mini-Bag™ Plus Container Infusion” PDF Resource