When deciding on treatment, patients usually have few options for where they can receive their infusions, including a hospital, a doctor’s office, an ambulatory infusion center, or at home with home infusion. However, hospitals and doctor’s offices can be challenging to travel to and uncomfortable, so patients looking for a more personalized experience typically opt for home infusion or site-based care. Today, we’re taking a closer look at ambulatory infusion sites and home infusion services to help patients decide which option is best for their needs.

Ambulatory Infusion Therapy

Ambulatory infusion refers to treatment given at a designated facility or center outside of a hospital or doctor’s office. The infusion industry has grown exponentially recently, and infusion centers are more accessible than ever. Patients looking to find an infusion center near them can utilize infusion center locators like the one provided by NICA that helps connect patients across the country with accessible infusion centers.

More infusion centers are renovating and remodeling to embody a more relaxing patient environment. Our wholly-owned subsidiary, Continuum Health, is an excellent example of one of these infusion centers, as it offers a comfortable and serene space where patients can unplug during infusion sessions and decompress.

While there are many infusion centers across the country, patients may still have to travel, and this could be an issue for those with a more involved infusion schedule. However, an infusion center may be an excellent option if your infusions tend to be on the lighter side.

Home Infusion Therapy

Home infusion therapy is when an infusion nurse travels to your home to deliver your infusion medication. For those with busy schedules, this is the ideal choice as it negates the need for travel and allows patients to feel comfortable in their own homes while receiving their therapy. Home infusion is also considered more cost-effective. Recent findings published by the National Library of Medicine found that home infusion saved between $1,928 and $2,974 per treatment course versus medical setting infusion costs. Yet, it’s important to note that ambulatory infusion therapy is also more cost-effective than hospital-based care.

At ContinuumRx, home infusion is our specialty, and we’ve been traveling to patients’ homes to deliver their treatment for over twenty years. We understand the convenience that home infusion offers, and we strive to provide simplified and accessible care for our patients throughout their infusion journey. To learn more about the home infusion process, read our blog, “What to Expect When Starting Home Infusion.”

One negative to home infusion that patients report is the lack of access to their medical team. While your physician will prescribe your home infusion and vet with the infusion provider, since the provider is carrying out the treatment, the patient’s physician will not be there to oversee the therapy. However, this is normally a concern when patients are just starting home infusion and may still be nervous about the process. Luckily, most patients typically become comfortable with their treatment quickly and even form friendships with their infusion nurses, who help ease the transition.

Whether you’re starting infusion at one of our Continuum Health infusion suites or at home with our skillful ContinuumRx infusion team, we are here to help make the transition comfortable and seamless. Contact us to learn more about our services!

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