Enteral & Parenteral Nutrition Services are Available In-Home

Enteral and parenteral nutrition can be given from the comfort of home.

Author Joseph Raynauld Raymond once said, “diet is the essential key to all successful healing.” The importance of nutrition goes without question, but what happens when a patient cannot eat normally? In this case, experts turn to enteral and parenteral nutrition services. 

Enteral and parenteral nutrition can be done effectively at home, eliminating the need for an extended hospital stay. And our team of licensed professionals here at ContinuumRx is trained to deliver the highest quality of nutritional care necessary for its patients.

What is the difference between enteral and parenteral nutrition, and who requires either?

Enteral and parenteral nutrition are two types of tube feedings that some patients need when their regular nutritional intake is hindered. Enteral nutrition refers to tube feeding through the gastrointestinal (GI) tract, while the parenteral method delivers nutrition through a vein.

Of the two, enteral nutrition is preferred by physicians because it is closer to everyday eating habits, making it easier on the immune system and the patient themselves. Patients are generally recommended to receive enteral nutrition when they have trouble swallowing or chewing. Yet, there are a variety of reasons why a patient may require enteral nutrition, including:

  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Diabetes
  • Gastrointestinal disorder
  • High-risk pregnancy
  • Pre and post organ transplant
  • Renal disease

Parenteral nutrition is reserved for patients who cannot or will not eat and cannot maintain proper nutrition through the enteral method. In this case, the onset will most likely need to happen in a hospital but can be moved to home care once the patient has adjusted. Those who usually require parenteral nutrition most likely have any of these inflictions:

  • Stomach and intestines that are not working or have been removed
  • Severe nausea, diarrhea, or vomiting 
  • Severe sores in the mouth or esophagus
  • A fistula (hole) in the stomach or esophagus
  • Loss of body weight and muscle with normal enteral nutrition

Both enteral and parenteral nutrition can be done in-home by licensed clinical dietitians, like our team at ContinuumRx.

What benefits does home infusion offer for those needing enteral and parenteral nutrition?

Receiving enteral or parenteral nutrition is an adjustment for many, but you don’t need to undergo that process in an unfamiliar place. Home infusion offers patients a chance to be surrounded by family, friends, and comfortable surroundings. 

In a 2017 study published by the National Library of Medicine, home infusion results were found to be immensely beneficial. It states, “patients overwhelmingly preferred home infusion, reporting significantly better physical and mental well being and less disruption of family and personal responsibilities.”

The cost of enteral and parenteral nutrition can weigh heavily on a family as well. However, the study also found that home infusion was more cost-effective and states, “Home infusion costs were significantly lower than medical setting infusion costs, with savings between $1,928 and $2,974 per treatment course.”

Are enteral and parenteral nutrition through home infusion therapy growing in popularity?

Home infusion therapy has grown substantially in recent years. And the enteral and parenteral nutrition science community is also recognizing it as a primary care method.

In fact, the annual Association of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN) 2021 Conference is dedicating an entire section forum titled “Home & Alternate Site Care.” The section will discuss the growing popularity of home infusion and alternate site care due to the pandemic.

Why choose enteral and parenteral nutrition services with ContinuumRx?

At ContinuumRx, our team of registered clinical dietitians is trained extensively on enteral and parenteral nutrition services. The care and dedication they have for their patients is the foundation that ContinuumRx was built on.

Living a full and happy life is the goal between patient and physician, and ContinuumRx is here to support and help restore a sense of comfort while achieving that goal. We work with your physician to provide you the best possible care.

Receiving treatment from home provides a chance to be closer to family and friends when you need them the most. So, don’t wait to begin treatment with ContinuumRx; onboard your treatment today!

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