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home infusion
Home Infusion

Debunking Home Infusion Myths

When it comes to home infusion, patients are usually excited by the prospect because they…
December 20, 2022
home infusion
Home Infusion

Antibiotic Infusion Therapies: How ContinuumRx Provides Convenient Treatment

November 21st is World Antibiotic Awareness Week! Antibiotics are a class of antimicrobial drugs commonly…
November 10, 2022
specialty pharmacy

What Makes a Pharmacy a Specialty Pharmacy?

October 16th through the 22nd is National Pharmacy Week! As a specialty pharmacy, ContinuumRx is…
October 20, 2022
chronic pain
Home Infusion

Treating Chronic Pain With Ketamine Infusion Therapy

It is estimated that roughly 20.4% of Americans suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain is…
September 22, 2022
home infusion
Home Infusion

Ambulatory vs. Home Infusion: Which Treatment Method Is Right For You

When deciding on treatment, patients usually have few options for where they can receive their…
August 25, 2022
juvenile arthritis
Home InfusionPediatric Infusion

How ContinuumRx Treats Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition that affects roughly 24% of all American adults. However, arthritis can…
July 26, 2022
medicare coverage
Home InfusionMedicare

Understanding Medicare Coverage and Home Infusion

As of October 2021, nearly 64 million Americans were enrolled in Medicare, and since the…
June 22, 2022
Home Infusion

Treating Severe Persistent Asthma with Biologic Therapy

For most asthma sufferers, asthma can be adequately managed with inhaler therapy. Some patients, however,…
May 31, 2022
inflammatory bowel disease
Home Infusion

Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Benefits of Infused Medications

Several treatment options are available to help manage inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). These options come…
April 26, 2022