When it comes to home infusion, patients are usually excited by the prospect because they know it can grant them more freedom in their routine. However, if you’re still wary of home infusion, you may be hesitant since you believe in a few myths that have been circulating about the process for years. Today, we’re easing fears about home infusion by debunking some of the most common myths in the industry.

Myth: Home Infusion Is Expensive

Fact: Home infusion is actually more affordable to the patient than hospital or site-based care. The National Home Infusion Association (NHIA) reports that, typically, commercial insurers reimburse home infusion at rates that are 40–60 percent less than the cost of providing care for those same patients at hospitals. Home infusion also saves patients and their families money in costs for travel as infusion nurses will come to the patient in their homes to deliver infusion, negating the need for long travel days to and from the hospital.

Myth: Home Infusion Is Expensive

Fact: Home infusion is incredibly safe, especially if you receive care from an experienced home infusion provider like our team at ContinuumRx. In an article published by PubMed.gov, it was found that home infusion was a safe and clinically effective treatment method that was preferred by patients. Our team at ContinuumRx has been providing safe infusions to our patients from the comfort of home for over twenty years. We’ve managed cases from simple short-term infusions to more complex long-term home infusions, and our patients are consistently happy with our service.

Myth: Health Insurance Does Not Cover Home Infusion

Fact: As we discussed before, home infusion is covered by most commercial insurers. Yet, you may be wondering if ContinuumRx specifically accepts your insurance carrier. At ContinuumRx, we’re proud to accept nearly all insurance carriers. We also recently became in-network with United Healthcare and can now service those insured patients. We even have dedicated teams that vet with a patient’s insurance carrier to make sure they get the most coverage for their treatment. Although unlikely, there have been a few cases where insurers want the patients to receive treatment elsewhere. In this case, we will ensure the transition is carried out smoothly so the patient can focus on their health rather than the coverage process. Learn more about our insurance coverage.

Now that you know the facts, it’s time to connect with an intake specialist and patient care representative to guide you through the home infusion onboarding process. We have locations in Alabama, Virginia, and Tennessee to better serve our patients wherever they are. Find the location closest to you to start your home infusion journey!

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