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Our Protocol for Continuing Treatment Through the Unexpected

According to a study conducted by HomeCare, approximately 60,000 patients rely on home infusion therapy daily. Typically, infusion nurses will travel to the patient’s home to deliver treatment conveniently. However, as hurricane season rages on and the threat of natural disasters constantly linger, it’s important for infusion patients to know the proper protocols for when unforeseen obstacles prevent them from receiving treatment.

Contact Your ContinuumRx Patient Care Representative

Contacting ContinuumRx may seem like the obvious answer, but too often, patients assume our communication systems are down, and there’s no way to reach us. Fortunately, our multiple locations act as one when disasters temporarily disable a site. Therefore, your Patient Care Representative may be able to direct you to an office unaffected by the disaster and can provide you with next-step information for your treatment.

Know the Resources Available to You

It may feel like you have no control when faced with a natural disaster, but acquainting yourself with resources already available to you can help you devise a plan for continuing care in the face of uncertainty. One preventative measure you can take right now is contacting your local hospital to find out the emergency services available for infusion patients. 

Another tip is researching your drug manufacturer and seeing if they offer helplines or resources for patients who cannot receive treatment due to unexpected circumstances. For example, some manufacturers, such as Amgen and Janssen, have direct resources available for patients in these types of predicaments.

Find Alternative Infusion Sites

If you need to evacuate your home, you will need to find an alternative infusion site of care. Again, this is something your ContinuumRx Patient Care Representative can help with as they can coordinate with an infusion provider in the area to redirect you to.

Another option is through the National Infusion Center Association (NICA). NICA is an excellent resource for finding an infusion site quickly when faced with an emergency because they offer an extensive database of infusion centers by region through their Infusion Center Locator. Simply type in your location, and NICA will provide you with a list of infusion centers in that area. You can also search by medication to ensure a center is able to treat you.

Dealing with a natural disaster can be stressful, and the last thing patients should worry about is whether or not they can receive their therapy. At ContinuumRx, your care is our priority; that’s why we encourage you to contact your Patient Care Representative and come up with a plan for if a natural disaster should prevent you from receiving your treatment.

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