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Debunking Home Infusion Myths

When it comes to home infusion, patients are usually excited by the prospect because they know it can grant them more freedom in their routine. However, if you’re still wary of home infusion, you may be hesitant since you believe in a few myths that have been circulating about the process for years. Today, we’re […]


Antibiotic Infusion Therapies: How ContinuumRx Provides Convenient Treatment

November 21st is World Antibiotic Awareness Week! Antibiotics are a class of antimicrobial drugs commonly used to treat bacterial infections. Patients who require this type of treatment will often receive them through a course of antibiotics either taken orally or intravenously through infusion therapy. Today, we’re detailing how antibiotic infusion therapy can treat infections and […]

What Makes a Pharmacy a Specialty Pharmacy?

October 16th through the 22nd is National Pharmacy Week! As a specialty pharmacy, ContinuumRx is proud to serve a specialized group of patients that need us. However, you may wonder what constitutes a specialty pharmacy and how to know if you need their services. So, in honor of National Pharmacy Week, we’re explaining what differentiates […]


Treating Chronic Pain With Ketamine Infusion Therapy

It is estimated that roughly 20.4% of Americans suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain is considered any consistent pain that lasts longer than three months and can occur for various reasons. While some oral medications can relieve pain symptoms, some patients have found that ketamine infusion therapy can further ease pain and provide much-needed comfort. […]


Ambulatory vs. Home Infusion: Which Treatment Method Is Right For You

When deciding on treatment, patients usually have few options for where they can receive their infusions, including a hospital, a doctor’s office, an ambulatory infusion center, or at home with home infusion. However, hospitals and doctor’s offices can be challenging to travel to and uncomfortable, so patients looking for a more personalized experience typically opt […]


Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Being Asked to Lift Home Infusion Restrictions

Currently, Medicare only covers certain home infusion drugs and biologicals administered intravenously, or subcutaneously, while commercial payors cover patients for an expansive array of intravenous and subcutaneous drugs. Lifting Medicare regulations, will ensure that Medicare enrollees in need of home infusion therapy can receive the care they need in a more comfortable environment and at […]